Application of UVLED light source curing on touch screen

  UV LED curing technology is developing rapidly, and uvled curing equipment has been used in many industries, and it also has a wide range of applications in the touch screen industry. In our lives, touch screen applications can be seen everywhere, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, induction cookers, disinfection cabinets, medical equipment and registration, diagnosis and treatment, dispensing systems, ATM machines, etc.

  UV adhesive is typically acrylic or epoxy cured at 365nm, with excellent optical properties such as light transmittance, low reflection, anti-fog, impact resistance and scratch resistance. It is easy to apply glue, has a high degree of flexibility, does not produce shrinkage or tension between the surface layers that causes image distortion, and is widely used in touch screen production.

   LCD and OLED display manufacturers use UVLED curing when assembling touch screens. The use of UVLED curing equipment for low exothermic and on-demand curing is particularly beneficial to prevent damage to sensitive components and form a continuous, consistent and high-speed process flow.