About us


Aresin Materials Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang was established in March 2006 with a registered capital of 6.5 million US dollars. In 2009, it was honored as a national high-tech enterprise. The company's headquarters locates in Hangzhou High-tech Development Zone, with a workshop of 10,000m² and another 20,000m² under construction.

  • 2006Year


  • 6.5million

    Registered capital

  • 10000m²Meter


The company focuses on the development and production of photopolymerization (UV) products.

The core R&D personnel are composed of  university professors and oversea graduate students. The company has more than ten patents and many types of UV curing glues applied to functional films. The company's strength is to develop tailor-made UV-curable materials to accommodate the customers' equipment and process conditions, and specifications and environmental conditions of the final applications.. "Get to the fundamentals, and get better" is the company's scientific research standard.